Debt Collection Attorneys For San Francisco And Surrounding Areas

As part of our litigation services, we offer assistance to clients with unpaid accounts and other creditor-related issues. We will work with you to recover your funds, pursuing in-court and out-of-court approaches as best fit your situation.

At Solan, Park & Robello, we examine your situation in detail, focusing on your objectives and giving you our appraisal of your case. We give you our advice on the various methods available to deal with your particular situation, as well as the risks and benefits of each method.

Recovering Your Debt

Our debt collection lawyers for San Francisco and surrounding areas have a wide range of tools at our disposal, including:

  • Conducting hidden asset searches
  • Recording construction and mechanic's liens
  • Pursuing stop notices and bond claims
  • Obtaining prejudgment orders to secure future judgments, including writs of attachment, appointment of a receiver, writs of possession and injunctions
  • Preparing and filing of abstract of judgments and orders of execution for judgment enforcement
  • Obtaining orders for and taking of debtors' examinations to determine your debtor's assets under oath
  • Pursuing litigation involving fraudulent conveyances
  • Representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Litigating against financial institutions for recovery of losses due to fraudulent checks and wire transfers

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