Trust Planning In San Francisco

With proper trust planning, you can provide for your family in a way that fits their unique needs. Trusts can be a good way to minimize taxation and probate costs, and are particularly useful to clients whose circumstances include blended families, members with special needs, special assets or a desire to transfer wealth between generations.

Come and talk to us about your family situation. Let us see if we can make trusts work for you.

Putting Your Trust In Trusts

At Solan, Park & Robello, our estate planning lawyers will explore with you a number of aspects of California trust law, including:

  • Special Needs Trust (SNT): Intended for persons with disabilities, this is a trust designed to ensure that trust assets are not used in calculating a disabled person's eligibility for assistance such as Medi-Cal and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Without an SNT, the trust assets will either disqualify your loved one from benefits, or be paid to the source of the public benefits. An SNT ensures that your loved one gets better care and supplemental therapies, as well opportunities for leisure, recreation and as much independence as possible, while protecting his or her assets.
  • Trusts for intergenerational transfer of wealth: If you wish to pass assets to your grandchildren, ask us how trusts can make this possible. We will also discuss generation-skipping transfer ("GST") taxes and how to minimize them.
  • Living trusts: We will discuss whether this is a good option for you — whether it will be useful to spare your family the expense of probate court and estate taxes and whether it will interfere with your ability to obtain government benefits.
  • Life insurance trusts: These trusts can help you avoid federal estate taxes on life insurance proceeds.
  • Charitable trusts: These trusts can be set up to benefit a charity in a way that also provides income for you or your spouse.
  • Trusts for blended families: Many of our clients use trusts as a way to provide for a current spouse during that spouse's lifetime, while making sure that their children from a previous marriage end up with their property.

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