Probate and Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Solan, Park & Robello's attorneys represent individuals and private professional fiduciaries as trustees of testamentary trusts (trusts created by will), revocable trusts, and irrevocable trusts, advising such trustees of their duties and liabilities. Solan, Park & Robello will prepare all necessary legal documents and trust accountings, assist with maintaining trust records, and ensure that the complex task of trust administration is performed correctly and efficiently.

Probate Administration

Solan, Park & Robello's attorneys represent executors and administrators in all aspects of probate administration, including preparing all required legal documents, advising the executor regarding estate administration duties, selling estate assets, assisting with accounting and record keeping.

Solan, Park & Robello also represents beneficiaries of estates to ensure that the beneficiaries interests in the estate are protected.