San Francisco Trust Litigation Attorneys

Litigation over an estate or trust is never simple or straightforward.

Any litigation can get divisive and messy, but when the participants are family members, the results can be emotionally devastating. Many of our estate litigation clients are also dealing with grief and loss, which makes their situation even more emotionally charged.

We understand your situation. We understand your loss. We strive to protect your rights and bring you and your family through this difficult time with compassion and consideration.

When Grief Turns To Conflict

Our San Francisco trust litigation attorneys use our experience, discretion and objectivity to guide clients toward resolutions that preserve their rights and assets as much as possible, and that work for their family.

At Solan, Park & Robello, we can provide the benefit of decades of experience of resolving these emotionally charged situations. Whether your conflict involves the validity or contents of a will, disputes over the administration of an estate or trust, or conservatorship, our firm can offer:

  • Objectivity: We can offer you an outsider's perspective, free of the grief and stress you are probably dealing with, and let you know if you have a case.
  • An estate planner's point of view: Because Solan, Park & Robello provides extensive estate planning services, we have a deeper understanding of estate plans than firms that only provide litigation services. We understand how estate plans are formed, and can figure out what testators may have intended, as some litigation may be due to poor wording or insufficient planning for contingencies.
  • Flexibility: We will listen to you and make sure we understand your priorities, whether they involve enforcing your rights, maintaining family relationships, or some combination of the two. Our lawyers will adapt their strategies to your needs, using negotiation, mediation and other out-of-court approaches, and work creatively to bring about resolution.
  • Litigation experience: Our vast experience in California's courts enables us to represent you effectively and efficiently if there is no possibility of out-of-court settlement.

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